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Meet Our Team

Jeff Edmondson

I am Jeff Edmondson, founder and owner of ART Orthodontic Laboratory. After many years in the business, you may already know my name.   As a young man I began my adult life serving in the Marine Corp.  At the time I left the Marine Corp., I began looking for a career and was fortunate to land an apprenticeship through a G.I. bill where I learned the profession and honed my skills.  I then began working in a small lab with a local orthodontist, and over time expanded my business, opening my own laboratory where I worked with local orthodontists as well for the Medical College of Virginia.  Over the years the business has changed and evolved along with my responsibilities raising a family.  Presently, my goals have progressed with the plans to build a large and fruitful business, determined to make others successful and leave a lasting legacy of excellence.  We have begun including 3-D services and continue to build on our future plans to be on the cutting edge of new technology.  It is important to me to build the highest quality appliances, expand the business, and partner with those I serve.


A Hampton Roads native, Wendy is a 3D software and editing specialist. When not in the lab, Wendy enjoys a few bag rounds, reading, or taking a hike with her Husband Tyler and their Huskie.


Alaine joined our lab at the end of 2014. She is a proud mamma and graduate with a degree in business! A Newport News native, Alaine specializes in bending, metal work and acrylic art. When not hard at work she enjoys taking her son to the park and visiting the Outer Banks.


New to Virginia and newest to our team, Kim is our impression and polishing specialist! When not at the lab, Kim loves spending time with her husband watching movies and creating all kinds of DIYs at home.